The verdict is in: the 2010 European Wine Bloggers Conference will be held in Vienna, Austria October 22-24. The conference will be sponsored by the Austrian Wine Marketing Board and and hosted by Catavino Marketing, Ryan and Gabriella Opaz of and Robert McIntosh of The Wine Conversation.

The conference is designed for social media innovators, wine bloggers and wine industry leaders worldwide and will cover a vast array of topics. Last years attendance increased greatly from the first year in 2008 and this year is supposed to be even more well attended.

As Austria is incredibly focused on wine as a culture, attendants will have the opportunity to visit several key wineries within easy reach of Vienna and also enjoy the best of Austrian cuisine and

“The European Wine Bloggers Conference has announced its 2010 venue in Vienna, Austria, on October 22-24. The EWBC is the only international event dedicated to the convergence of wine on the web, providing a platform for the global wine community to openly address today’s new wine media.”

Visit the registration page today to reserve your spot! Definitely worth going to!