A while back, I posted on two Gruner Veltliners of exceptional quality produced by LAURENZ V. – the only Austrian wines producer to focus solely on the expression of Gruner Veltliner.

Winemaker Lenz Moser V is incredibly enthusiastic about the awareness of this indigenous grape and actively promotes it every chance he gets. One of his most recent ventures was to Whistler in Vancouver, Canada where the Olympics are currently being held. Austria has had a great presence in the Winter Olympics in the past, winning the fourth most gold medals overall.

The Canadians have coined Lenz the “Gruner ambassador” as he has taken their world by storm with the both the Singing Gruner Veltliner, dedicated to daughter Sophie, and the more elegant and complex Charming Gruner Veltliner, the flagship for the LAURENZ V line.

The LAURENZ V collection is titled as such because Lenz is the fifth generation winemaker, following the principles his grandfather, Lorenz Moser III instilled in the 1950s.

Ultimately, Lenz aims to boost the popular of Gruner Veltliner so greatly that it is as familiar as Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay are to us today.

The wines are currently avaliable in over 40 countries and are designed to be for sheer drinking pleasure. So grab a glass today and watch the Austrians in the Olympics!