The winner of the Grü V Olympics has been announced!

The Contestants:

Pffafl Austrian Pepper 2008
: Self described as an aromatic wine, lively and fruit-forward on the palate with a hint of black pepper and a spicy finish

Lois Grüner Veltliner 2008: Considers herself to have lovely aromas of fresh apples, and surprises the drinker on the palate with great spice components as well as exotic fruit and a refreshing

Wieninger Vienna Hills 2008
: Believes herself to be fresh and lively fruit driven nose with plenty of apricot and green apple aromas; the palate displays an appealing acidity with refreshing citrus fruit flavors – quite easy drinking!

Stadt Krems Kremstal 2007: Says she is fresh and fruity with an aroma of white currant, citrus fruits and a typical Veltiner profile. Her aromas are stay true on the palate time and again.

The Judges:

Joe Herrig, CSW of Suburban Wino: “A wine nerd who resides in Woodstock, GA, a lovely little corner of the world just outside Atlanta.”

Ed Thralls, CSW of Wine Tonite: “Livin’ la vino loco in Atlanta, GA sharing [his] wine experiences from a personal perspective.”

Jason Petuck of Corked Wineblog: A wordly wine traveler residing in Southern, CT who has enjoyed many trips to Italy, Austria and Switzerland. “A trip is never complete without trying new wines.”

Sonadora of Wannabe Wino: Living in DC, she chronicles her wine tasting adventures a she drinks her way through our ever growing collection of wine.

Kori Vorhees, CSW of Wine Peeps: Where she collaborates to share with her readers the most important things she have learned about selecting, tasting, and enjoying wine.

Robert Dwyer of the Wellesley Wine Press: Awine enthusiast living in the western suburbs of Boston who writes his blog to help people enjoy wine more while spending less money.

Jill & Andy Freeman of Wined & Dined: A Manhattan based couple who are passionate about all things food and wine (scored separately.)

Josh Wade of Drink Nectar: Who believes, “Life is meant to be shared together. There is no better way than to share a cup of perfectly brewed coffee and carefully crafted wine.”

Joe Roberts, CSW of 1 Wine Dude: A wine consultant in the greater Philadelphia area who writes his blog to help others get to know wine better inside and out.

Randy Watson of The Wine Whore: Who resides in Tampa, FL who has a thirsty palate for great wine and chronicles his adventures for his readers daily (scores not included.)

The Results:

It was a tough call – reviewing the judge’s scores, there was some definite variation in opinion which is to be expected. Gruner Veltliner is an incredibly versatile grape that can show it’s “true colors” in several different expressions. While some believed a given wine deserved an 8, others believed the same wine deserved a 17.5. This is one of the beauty’s of wine!

Some judges, such as Wade, Herrig and Thralls paired the wines with food, others did not. Just another example of how personal rating styles can differ.

Anyway here’s how it all panned out:

HONORABLE MENTION: Lois Grüner Veltliner

BRONZE: Pffafl Austrian Pepper

SILVER: Stadt Krems

And the winner is…
GOLD: Wieninger Vienna Hills

We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate that Wieninger Vienna Hills Grü V and thank our esteemed panel of judges for their help in deliberating this difficult matter!

SO what are YOU waiting for? go out and grab yourself a glass of Grü V and let us know your favorites!