On Monday, I attended the Winebow tasting of Austrian wines held at Hearth Restaurant at 1st ave and E 12th Street in NYC.

Lucky for me, I was familiar with most of the wines there having had the chance to attend a few of their tastings in the past (and after all working for Austrian wine brings me in contact with LOTS of Austrian wines… trust me, no complaints here.)

One producer I was not very familiar with, but was happily acquainted was Weingut Bernard Ott. The tasting featured a Grüner Veltliner and a Riesling by this producer and I must admit, I was a happy taster.

The Grüner Veltliner was nice and fruity, structured with a nice balance of acidity and spice to convince me to sneak back for a second taste after I’d gone through the rest (but shh, don’t tell anyone that!)

The Riesling was also a pleasant surprise. Instead of being the usual bone-dry Riesling with a lot of acid and more citrus than stone fruit, this wine was a bit fruitier up front and a nice variation of what I may otherwise expect from Austrian Riesling (not that I don’t love them still- just a different take on it!)

The packaging is also a bit eye catching and seems to be a nice balance of both a new-age and a traditional method (see picture.)

Unfortunately, I don’t have the price point or the distribution of this wine off hand (I’m actually 10,000 feet up in the air at the moment) but I’ll look it up when I’m back in the office!)

On that note, I’m headed to Australia for the rest of the month – to return May 1st. That’s the one with the kangaroos. I’ll try to check in, but in case I don’t have a chance… cheers!