I am a lucky girl this year! I’m heading to Austria tomorrow for the biannual Vie Vienum celebration in Vienna which showcases all of Austria’s wine producers’ finest wines. I will be joining the industry elite for a grouping of special seminars, tastings, dinners, meet-and-greets, parties and even a football game where the winemakers go head-to-head. I will also be fortunate enough to visit some of the wineries while I am there! I can’t wait!

The weather isn’t looking too cheery – low 60’s and raining… but hopefully things will change. Besides, being in Austria will make me overlook the minor detail of inclement weather…

Having never been to Austria this is especially exciting for me – and having worked so closely with the wines for so many months it’ll be great to finally fully understand what I’ve been talking about all this time!

Anyway, lots to do before I leave! I’ll try to check in while I’m over there!