I spoke with Franz Raith today of Weingut Schönberger in Burgenland this afternoon and asked him to send over some information about where they are in the growing season. It just so happened Franz was in the vineyards this week so he also sent over some pictures! Here’s what he had to say:

The grapes have already begun to develop and the sugar in the berries is becoming more concentrated. The grapes are still green but the color will begin to change within the next 3-5 weeks. The vines have been pruned to remove excess foliage which is important because otherwise the vines will get too big and the leaves of the vine will cause a shadow that increases the possibility of rot.

Here are the photos!

Removing the side-shoots
Schönberger's Blaufränkisch vineyard

Sommlier, Martin, in the Blaufränkisch Vineyard


Freshly trimmed!

Weingut Schönberger is located in the Burgenland region of Austria and crafts a variety of wines including Burgenland’s specialty, Blaufränkisch. The vineyard is classified biodynamic by EU standards and Weingut Schönberger has continued to produce award winning wines year after year.

As for the duck? When asked at VieVinum why he chose this symbol for his wines he simply replied, “I like ducks!”