I generally end up traveling to NYC or Boston for wine events, but to my delight last night brought my just over the Buckley Bridge from my humble abode.

Cavey’s Restaurant in Manchester, CT is both an Italian and French establishment, but last night the focus was on Asian cuisine (after all, it goes perfectly with Austrian wines!) Carlo Huber of Darcy and Huber Selections hosted last night’s weekly wine tasting of the summer at Cavey’s along with their CT distributor, Village Wine Imports, and CT’s chapter of the Slow Foods Movement.

Here’s the menu:

ZUM MARTIN SEPP GRUENER VELTLINER 2008– Summer Roll/Thai Peanut Sauce

ZAHEL GEMISCHTER SATZ 2009 – Petit Eclair/Curried Apple Chicken Salad

ZAHEL GRUENER VELTLINER GOLDBERG 2009 – Shrimp/Carrot & Lemongrass

MAYER AM PFARRPLATZ RIED RIESLING 2009 – Yellowfin Tuna/Daikon/Ponzu

ZUM MARTIN SEPP Zweigelt 2008 – Smoked Pork Tenderloin/Soy-Ginger

Carlo presented each wine as it was served with a brief background on the winemaker/winery and a short description on the varietal, as well as proper annunciation.

Here are some fun facts:

  • Gemischter Satz is directly related to the Slow Foods movement: Gemischter Satz is a naturally growing vineyard arrangement – several varietals grow together and the vines are not arranged in rows. The Presidium certifies Viennese Gemischter Satz producers based upon the number of grapes they grow in a field.
  • A Gemischter Satz wine must be a blend of at least 3 grapes, though there is no specific blend that must be used.
  • The Romans referred to Vienna as Vindobona – the place of good wine.
  • Darcy & Huber import wines that are specifically low in sulfites, cutting down on tomorrow’s hangover.
  • Vienna’s landscape was originally under water which imparts a salty, minerally character on the wines.
  • Austrian Rieslings are known to be the exact opposite of the German Riesling flavor profile most consumers are familiar with – these Rieslings are bone dry.
  • Zweigelt is originally a hybrid grape created by Dr. Zwiegelt and is a crossing of St. Laurent and Blaufrankisch.
  • Chilled Zweigelt makes for delicious BBQ wine!

After the event, the crowd lingered searching for last sip of Austrian wine and checking out Cavey’s regular dinner offerings. The wines were and currently are available through Gillette Ridge Wine of Bloomfield, CT for purchase – the best part? You can have them shipped right to your house!

Darcy and Huber currently have a focus on Viennese wines, but rumor has it other Austrian regions will be making an appearance in their portfolio soon – can’t wait to taste them!

**Videos of Carlo’s introductions are currently being edited and will be posted shortly!