As you probably have learned by now, Austrian wine culture is quite prominent throughout the country and you’ve probably developed your own appreciation for the wonderful grape, Gruener Veltliner- but would you know how to drink with an Austrian.

Here’s what you do:

Step 1: Make eye contact with each and every person involved in the drinking

Step 2: Exclaim “Prost,” “Prosit,” or “Zum Wohl,” all mean “to your health.” There are also a variety of other cheers that can be used (especially during a rowdy party,) but you’ll have to get these insider toasts from the Austrians.

Step 3: Develop an appreciation not only for the wines, but for the local beers and Schnaps of the country – you will most likely be offered a shot of Schnapps at the end of a meal as it is Austria’s favorite digestive. Be careful though, Schnapps are generally around 40% abv.

Step 4: Enjoy! The Austrians are wonderful drinking companions!