(AWMB, September 2010) – The Danish restaurant, Noma, celebrates its prestigious position as the best restaurant in the world – with an Austrian Wine Menu! Last April, the Danish restaurant, Noma, was named by Britain’s Restaurant Magazine as the world’s best restaurant. And since the beginning of September, Noma has been offering an exclusive Austrian Wine Menu, created by the head sommelier Pontus Elofsson.

Noma has been featuring Austrian wines on its wine list for several years already. Sommelier Pontus Elofsson, who is responsible for Noma’s wine list, says that he decided to focus on Austria because “Austrian wines are so outstanding in quality, that they are expected to be served in a restaurant such as Noma. Yet many people are still unaware of Austrian wines and their superb quality – and that must be changed!”

Noma is a two Michelin star restaurant in Copenhagen and is known for its distinguished interpretation of Scandinavian/Nordic cuisine. In fact, the name represents a combination of “Nordisk” (Nordic) and “mad” (food).

Restaurant Magazine publishes its annual list of the world’s best restaurants, which have been chosen by an exclusive roster of celebrated chefs, renowned food critics, leading restaurant managers and well-travelled gourmands.

The wines from the menu are imported and distributed by “österreich vin