The European Wine Bloggers Conference officially hit Vienna and as visiting bloggers scrape for their last taste of Gruener Veltliner as they wind up their wine region excursions we want to thank each of you for attending.

The weekend was a whirlwind of excitement – seminars, parties, tasting…  it’s safe to say many of those unfamiliar with Austrian wine can no longer say that! Those still visiting had the chance to harvest grapes in the Wachau, plant their own Gruener Veltliner along the Danube River and more- we’ll have to see how the wines turn out!

To see some of the conversation, look up twitter hashtag #EWBC … if you can sift through the tweeted, wine infused thoughts, you’ll be happy to find important details about seminars, trips, happenings and the like. A live feed of the seminars allowed others at home to follow along – though sans Austrian wine it might not have been as fun.

In the Austrian Wines Undiscovered Stars (tasting seminar) we learned the Rotes Haus Gemischter Satz was the crowd favorite – though no grape went without a plethora of fans. Many newbies to Austrian wine fell for Willi Klinger, Austria’s wine boss, stating things like, “Every wine region needs a Willi Klinger.” We are lucky, indeed!

We’d tell you about the parties, but that information is best left disclosed by the attendees!

As bloggers depart Austria’s vineyards and head back to reality we are confident they journey of Austrian wine is not truly over for them. On the contrary, we are proud to say their eyes have been opened to the exciting varietals both indigenous and international. This is the beginning of a new wave of Austrian wine promotion – keep drinking the Gruener! Prost!