A couple weeks ago a few members of the Austrian trade, Austrian wines promotional team and their friends gathered in a spacious loft apartment in Brooklyn, NY. The table was lined with bread, cheeses, crackers, grapes and assorted sushi rolls. Accompanying the food was 9 bottles of wine, each of a different variety. Nine bottles of wine surpassed the number of people. A nearby iPod was playing classical music from the likes of Bach, Mozart, Schumann and Brahms… this was not a typical Wednesday night.

So what brought this group together that chilly October night? Why, a rendezvous of Austrian wine and music, of course.

…OK, what?

Let me explain: Last year, the Austrian Wine Marketing Board contracted with a small orchestra in Austria to produce the Redezvous Wein and Music CD that played that Wednesday night.

The CD requires 9 wines: Sekt, Gelber Muskateller, Gruener Veltliner classic, Gruener Veltliner Reserve, Riesling, Riesling Reserve, Zweigelt, Blaufrankisch and an Austrian dessert wine. Each wine is paired with three classic melodies that can be listened to at any length you choose (with the exception of the Sekt which is only paired with one song.) Each participant will taste the wine while listening to the three songs. At the end of the set, each person will then choose the song they feel best matched the wine. For example, Riesling is described as “brilliant and spirited” is that best paired with R. Schumann’s 3rd Symphony, 1st movement, J.S. Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 3, 1st movement or J. Brahms 4th Symphony, 1st movement? It’s entirely subjective, but it’s interesting to see people’s choices.

We have to admit, we were apprehensive. Most of us knew nothing about classical music and some of the participants didn’t even know that much about Austrian wine – or wine in general. Once the CD’s (and the sips) started, however, we soon learned that this activity was far less intimidating than we thought. Further, a lot more fun – definitely feel good, whole hearted laughs all around.

It was interesting to see people’s different perspectives and why – we all agreed it’d be great to have for Thanksgiving Day with the family.

Although 9 wines can get a little pricey (and/or excessive, depending on the number of people) it doesn’t mean the same fun can’t be had with only a few of the wines.

Where does one find the CD? Well, we’ve got the answer to that:

Austrian wine has teamed up with 67 Wines in NYC. Buy any six of the 90 Austrian wines 67 Wines stocks regularly and the CD is all yours. It’s the holidays, of course you could use <more> than 6 bottles of wine! The better news? 67 Wines has a great selection of Austrian wine under $15 and even under $10/bottle.

So why not shock your friends this Thanksgiving with something different and delectable? Here are some recommendations from Snooth to help you out!