In the past month, the city that never sleeps has seen the opening of two new Austrian restaurants one featuring a laid-back, laissez-fare attitude to a, perhaps, otherwise intimidating culinary category, the other playing on the European contemporary, clean style of elegance.

Edi and the Wolf and Cafe Kristall opened their doors this month both featuring delectable dishes and wine lists to match almost exclusively consisting of Austrian wine! We’re game!

Though quite different in style, both places offer a contemporary approach to Austrian cuisine. Cafe Kristall is a trendy hybrid of an Austrian-inspired restaurant. The restaurant is Kurt Gutenbrunner, owner of the KG-NY restaurant group, newest concept located behind the Swarovski Crystallized store in Soho on 70 Mercer Street. Having just recently received their liquor license, we recommend you join them in the celebration.

Edi and the Wolf is Alphabet City’s newest resident, a collaborative effort between Edi Frauneder and Wolfgang Ban, co-owners of Seasonal Restaurant. While Seasonal is known for it’s high class- contemporary clean look, Edi and the Wolf is quite rustic emanating that of a traditional, Austrian heuriger. We can’t get their wine list to load just yet, but rumor has it, the place is excellent!

We haven’t tried either place yet ourselves, but those we’ve talked to and the press have only had good things to say!

Have you tried either place? What do you think?