Chef Matthais Seyfrid

This month we connected with Chef Matthias Seyfrid of Grünauer in Kansas City, a new Austrian restaurant in the area. Owned and operated by Nicholas Grunauer, the restaurant is the family’s second – the other is located in Vienna, Austria. Despite the gourmet Germanic options, the restaurant is quite affordable, adding an extra charm to Kansas City’s wandering foodies.

Chef Matthias Seyfrid whipped up a “simple” Käsespätzle which is described as “easy and somewhat quick

Exec. Chef Nic Bandelier, Mr. Grunauer, Nicholas Grunauer

to make,” a German approach to mac ‘n’ cheese with an adulterated twist. Sounds good to us during all this holiday madness!

Ingredients & Recipe

Thin sliced rings of 1/2 onion (white or red)
1/2 cup all purpose flour
3/4 tee spoon paprika
dash salt

Mix flour with seasonings and cover the onions with it. shake off the flour and fry to a golden yellow.

1 oz butter
Julienne of 1/4 onion (white or red)
2 1/2 cups spätzle (Generic recipe is fine)
6 oz grated swiss cheese
2 oz white wine
2 oz heavy cream
salt & pepper to taste
pinch nutmeg

Slowly caramelize the onion julienne in the butter. Add the spätzle and sauté them just to get slightly golden brown. Add the cheese and deglace with white wine which is to be reduced slightly to take away the acidity and the alcohol. pour in the cream and let it simmer to a creamy consistency. Season with salt, pepper and nutmeg.

For the garnish:
Fried onion rings
Finely cut chives
Veal glace (optional.)

With it, Nicholas, his father, Chef Matthais and Executive Chef Nic Bandelier enjoyed a bottle of 2008 Sattler St. Laurent Reserve, but any light to medium Austrian red should do well.  Nicholas told us, “The St Laurent stood up well with the cheese and had some very nice earthy tones to complement the veal glace.”

Weingut Sattler is located in the Burgenland region of Austria consisting primarily of gravel soils that lends to the tannin and fruit balance of their wines. The St. Laurent Reserve is made from the ripest grapes in the best vineyards. The wine is aged in small, oak casks for a year and is bottled after only minimal filtration.

Winemaker notes: This wine has a deep purple color and a nose of fresh juniper berries and mint. It is full bodied and balanced with a taste of cherries, ripe plum, cedar wood and a lively acidity, silky tannins in the middle and a long lasting smooth finish. This is a very variety-typical wine with excellentaging potential and an alcohol level of 13.5%.”

The wine retails for about $30.


Why not whip up this special dish for your holiday guests this season?