Wednesday industry insiders gathered at Edi and the Wolf to welcome Burgenland to NYC in an 100+ bottle extravaganza. Better known as a Mulatschag: A joyous festival held in Burgenland in celebration of food and wine.

The party was organized by the self-titled Austrian Wine Girls: Stephanie Artner of the Austrian Trade Commission and Constance Chamberlain of Brand Action Team. The pair connected with Wolfgang Ban, Edi , and Carlo Huber of Edi and the Wolf to organize an all-out bash featuring some of Austria’s lesser known grapes such as Blaufrankisch and Zweigelt. Burgenland is also well known for its sweet wines… Rest assure the liquid gold was crowd fav.

Edi and the Wolf is NYC’s first Heuriger located at 102 Avenue C and 7th Street in Alphabet City. Step through the doors and you’ll think you’re in Vienna! Tavern-style wine bar… absolutely delightful… read more here.

Burgenland is a region known for its expressive red wines due to the climactic influence of Neusidler See, a river that runs through Burgenland. The state of Burgenland is divided into four regions (as was Edi and the Wolf Wednesday night.) The following wines were sipped and enjoyed by sommeliers, wine writers, wine buyers and other industry folk:

Neusiedlersee: The Diversity of Zweigelt – Strong Wines. Great Names.Juris Pinot Noir Reserve 2007 

Claus Preisinger Pannobile

Claus Preisinger

Anita & Hans Nittnaus Zweigelt 2008

Anita & Hans Nittnaus Blaufränkisch Kalk & Schiefer 2007

Anita & Hans Nittnaus Pannobile 2006

Anita & Hans Nittnaus Comondor 200
Anita & Hans Nittnaus TBA 2005

Hillinger “Secco” Sparkling Pinot Noir, NV

Hillinger Pinot Grigio 2009

Hillinger Zweigelt 2009

Hillinger Hillside 2007

Kracher Grande Cuvée TBA No. 6 2006Kracher Grande Cuvée TBA No. 7 2005

Zantho Zweigelt 2008

Judith Beck Heideboden biodynamic 2007

Neusiedlersee-Hügelland: Fabulous. Delicious. Premium. Red, White and Sweet Wines.

Wenzel Blaufränkisch Bandkräften 2004

Paul Achs Pinot Noir 2008
Szigeti Gruner Veltliner Brut

Szigeti Rose Brut

Heinrich Blaufrankisch 07

Heinrich Pannobile 06

Heinrich Zweigelt 07

Feiler Artinger Blaufränkisch Umriss 2006

Feiler Artinger Ruster Ausbruch Pinot Cuvée 2007

Tinhof Neuburger 2008

Tinhof Weissburgunder 2009

Tinhof Blaufraenkisch 2007

Tinhof Sankt Laurent 2006

Tinhof Leithaberg Rot 2006 Magnum

Tinhof TBA 2004

Leithaberg DAC- Neusiedler See – Hügelland

Prieler Blaufränkisch Ried Johanneshöhe2008

Prieler Pinot Blanc Seeberg 2009

Prieler Schutzner Stein 2007

Heidi Schröck Ried Vogelsang 2009

Heidi Schröck Gelber Muskateller 2009

Heidi Schröck Weissburgunder 2009

Sattler St. Laurent 2009

Sattler Zweigelt  2009

Kollwentz Sauvignon Blanc Steinmühle 2009

Leberl Peccatum 2007 (no US importer yet)

Triebaumer – Blaufränkisch Oberer Wald 2008 (no US importer yet)

Mittelburgenland dac: Racy Red Wines. Blaufränkisch with Character.
Weninger Franz 2008

Weninger Blaufränkisch 2008

Weninger Blaufränkisch Hochäcker 2008

Weninger Blaufränkisch Dürrau 2003

Iby Blaufränkisch Classic 2008

Iby Blaufränkisch Chevalier 2007

Gesellmann – G

Igler Vulcano 2008
Südburgenland/Eisenberg DAC: Idyllic Landscape. Expressive Red Wines.

Wachter-Wiesler Blaufränkisch “Steinweg” 2008 Magnum

Wachter-Wiesler Blaufränkisch “Pfarrweingarten” 2008 Magnum

Krutzler – Blaufränkisch Reserve 2007

In short – good times were had by all. A special thanks to all who came! Check out pictures on our Facebook page!