The Austria tourist association is offering outdoorsy wine enthusiasts the change of a lifetime: to rent a plot of grapevines in an Austrian vineyard and take care of them for a while year. No experience? Don’t worry – you’ll have the expert guidance of a professional producer.

Your vine will be located in Purbach, Burgenland – a small town with a big sense for winemaking. Each plot will have 100 grapevines and you will have the opportunity, up to 6 times a year, to help your grapes through the growing season. The program began in February, so you better hurry up!

After you’ve grown and harvested the grapes, you will have the chance to taste the developing wines in the wine cellar of one of the eight expert winemakers involved in the project. He/she will show you the theoretical aspects of what it takes to make a top-quality wine.

You’ll then be given 100 bottles of you own wine, complete with personal wine label… That’ll last you at least 100 days!

For more information, visit Can’t wait to hear how it was!