Looking for something to serve this Easter? We recommend Austrian wine, of course.


Let’s look at the facts:

Austrian wine traditionally is perfect company for those hard-to-pair foods which can so often be found around spring time.

Let’s start with the appetizer course:

Say you’re thinking of serving Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto… and why wouldn’t you? An apertif for this wine can be quite tricky, right? Au contraie!  Perhaps you haven’t been alerted to the perfect pairing of Austrian wine and asparagus, but in case you haven’t heard asparagus loves Gruner Veltliner (and vice versa, of course.)

Other things on the appetizer menu? Why not try a light Austrian Sekt made from Zweigelt grapes? A bottle of these bubbles will get everyone in the mood to celebrate family time. We recommend serving this with lighter cheeses, or perhaps save this one for dessert to be paired with some fresh berries.

On to the main course!

If you’re serving lamb or ham a spicier Austrian red is the way to go here (though a dry white will also work wonders for certain guests and might even pair better with the sides!) We recommend a heartier expression of Blaufrankisch or Zweigelt… something with a little spice, good expression of fruit and enough weight to stand up against the weightiness of the meat.

If you’re serving rabbit or duck, you can still stick with the red, but we’d also recommend seeking out a Smaragd level Riesling form the Wachau with enough weight and fruit to pair with the oiliness of the rabbit or duck.

Better yet – why not just have both wines on your table to please everyone and make sure there’s enough variation to compliment whatever you’re serving!

For dessert, we’d recommend a BA or TBA wine from Burgenland. Delightfully sweet, but with balancing acid due to the natural character of the Austrian grapes. Why not mix it up and try one made from Welshriesling and one from Zweigelt?

Whatever you decide, we wish everyone a happy and safe holiday!

Please share your experiences with us!