Austria Uncorked is only a couple short weeks away and we’re getting excited!

Not only will LA and NYC soon by flooded with exquisite wines, but these wines will be paired with tantalizing morsels made from top chefs that will leave you in a state of euphoria for the rest of the week (we promise!)

For this month’s featured food pairings, we thought it’d be fun to highlight the foods and restaurants that will be participating in Austria Uncorked. Today, we’ve chosen Aldea Restuarant, located in NYC.

Chef, George Mendes is whipping up a Tuna rillette with caper, tomato and parsley on charred bread for the event which is a menu item from their fairly recently launched bar menu.

Don’t know what that is? Well, you’ll have to come try it to be certain, but we imagine it will look a little like the photo we’ve posted here.

To pair with this dish, we encourage you to think white… a lighter bodied, citrus-filled Gruner Veltliner would be perfect or perhaps try a Sauvignon Blanc from Styria – lots of citrus, fruity and fresh. Or why not try something entirely your own?

Aldea Restaurant opened in May 2009 in NYC’s Flatiron district. The menu is inspired by Iberian Cuisine; the name “Aldea” means village in Spanish. This upscale restaurant boast seafood dishes as well as other cultural specialties such as cured ham and plenty of rice dishes!

Inside you’ll find a cozy but contemporary atmosphere inspired by the Iberian Coast. Aldea, unfortunately, doesn’t currently have any Austrian wines on their menu, but you can help convince them to put some on when you see the great pairing possibilities with their dish!