If you’ve been reading along, you probably remember that Anfora was featured as last month’s food and wine pairing experts – only this month they’ve whipped up something to precede that delicious white chocolate biscotti we salivated over last month.

Their dish: Fluke Ceviche with pineapple and chiles. To put it another way… culinary perfection in a bowl created by Executive Chef and co-owner, Gabe Thompson. Gabe’s received high honors in the culinary corner as of late having made several prestigious lists as one of the “Best New Chefs” in America. Definitely don’t want to miss this dish!

This dish could be tricky for wine lovers, but fear not, Austrian wine is here. We would, of course, recommend a Gru V with this one, maybe something with a little more weight than you would need for the previous dish and perhaps something with a little oak to balance out the spiciness of the chiles.

But, if your gums need a break from the heavy citrus and acid that Austrian wines are so well known for, you could also try for a red. A light Zweigelt, Blaufrankish of St. Laurent (or perhaps a blend) with a lot of spice up front and earthier tons with just a hint of the red fruits so commonly found.

To read a little more about Anfora, check out last month’s featured food pairing (added bonus! You’ll snag the recipe for the white chocolate biscotti!