For the sake of time constraints, we’re going to give you a double whammy on the featured food pairings for the next few days.

Today: Barbuto and BLT Prime who are whipping up a dish of raw shaved spring vegetables on toast with shaved Parmesan and a Citrus Marinated NY Strip Steak / Jalapeno Mashed Potato / Cabernet Gastrique, respectively. Eat these two together and you’ve got a meal! Which wines? Well, for the veggies, we bet you know which wine we’re putting our hands on – a Gru V, of course… or perhaps here try a little Gelber Muskateller and tell us which you liked better! For the steak, go a darker St Laurent, Blaufrankisch or a delicious Austrian Pinot Noir… or, as always, try something on your own!

Barbuto is located in New York City’s West Village and is open for lunch and dinner daily with a special brunch menu on the weekends. As you may have guessed from the name, Barbuto features Italian inspired cuisine and an equally Italian inspired wine list. Added bonus on the food – the menu changes daily dependent upon seasonal and fresh ingredients available which means you can get something new every time you go! Chef and owner Jonathan Waxman is a longtime successful chef and published author whose passion for cooking is evident in the food he creates. Come and taste for yourself on the 4th.

Next, BLT Prime – an New York City staple and restaurant that comes highly recommended, quite frequently, to visitors of NYC. Located in NYC’s Gramercy neighborhood, BLT Prime is a prime spot for a great steak and there’s a cut for everyone. If the 20-steak menu isn’t enough for you, the restaurant also offers some delicious fish and vegetable options so there’s a little something for everyone. There wine list is equally as extensive with over 20 wines-by-the-glass, an impressive cocktail menu and even more wines by the bottle (we recommend the Gruener!) The BLT Restaurant Group has various locations throughout the city as well as across the country – each featuring it’s own nook such as fish, steak, burgers and more, but BLT Primes Executive Chef, Thomas Matthews has made his location stand out.

So don’t miss out on these or the other delicious concoctions at Austria Uncorked – buy your ticket today!