Time flies when you’re sipping wine – doesn’t it?

Couple weeks ago we had the pleasure of joining the Riesling Athletic Club team (and their breathtaking view) for an intimate Austrian Riesling-focused tasting where we sipped, swirled (and then drank) some of the top producers from various regions across the country.

The tasting consisted of 12 wines, all of which were tasted blind first. At the end of the line-up each person voted for their top three. We normally don’t like to pit our producers against one another, and truth be told all of these producers are top-of-the-line so this was more of an analysis of taste over quality, but nonetheless, a little friendly competition never hurt anyone.

Here are the contenders:

2009 Hiedler, Gaisberg, Kamptal
2009 Glatzer, Gruner Veltliner, Domenvogel, Carnuntum
2009 FX Pichler, Smaragd, Hollerin, Wachau
2009 FX Pichler, Smaragd, Steinertal, Wachau
2009 Pichler-Kutzler, Wunderberg, Wachau
2009 Nikolaihof, Vom Stein, Wachau
2008 Nikolaihof, Vom Stein, Wachau
2009 Leth, Felser Weinberge, Wagram
2009 Mayer am Pfarrplatz, Alsegg, Vien
2009 Lagler, Setzberg, Wachau
2001 Brundlmayer, Steinmassel, Kamptal
2009 Brundlmayer, Steinmassel, Kamptal

There were a couple tricks in this line-up including 1 Gruener Veltliner and 1 wine that was considerably younger than the others (and 1 wine a year younger than the others.) We are proud to say we recognized the first two instantly. Each Riesling possessed its own, distinct personality own – and we can happily say there wasn’t a disappointing wine in the line-up (for exact tasting notes, we recommend you try them!)

How did they measure up?

In the winners circle:

2009 FX Pichler, Smaragd, Hollerin, Wachau
2009 Pichler-Kutzler, Wunderberg, Wachau
2009 Leth, Felser Weinberge, Wagram

Truth be told, the  2001 Brundlmayer, Steinmassel, Kamptal recived the most votes – but given it’s age it had an unfair advantage! and we also must give honorably mention to the 2008 Nikolaihof, Vom Stein, Wachau as this wine also received a lot of votes.

There wasn’t a bad wine in the bunch so, naturally, after the tasting was complete we reached for menus and ordered up some sushi – perfect company for Austrian Riesling, of course.

Special thanks to Riesling AC for hosting such a wonderful tasting event! The founder, Justin Christoph is a Riesling fanatic (and expert!) and we’re happy to have him as a supporter of Austrian wines!