September is for sipping Austrian wines this year with lots of fun and interesting events to stick our noses into!

First up is a cruise around the Hudson River in NYC aboard the Classic Harbour Line.

When: Saturday, September 10th  & Tuesday, September 12th
Where: New York City
Cost:  $95, $85 respectively
What: Sip and savor an array of Austrian wines and nibble on Austrian cheeses while Wendy Crispell tells you everything you could ever want to know about each wine and you sail around the Hudson river on a 2 – 2.5 hour cruise.

Then it’s trains, planes or automobiles, head down to Ft Lauderdale, FL after this for a taste and mini-education class on Austrian and German wines.

When: September 14th
Where: Wine Watch, Inc., 901 Progresso Drive, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304
Cost: $35/person
What:  A mini education class at Florida’s Wine Watch – sip some wines and learn about delectable food pairings. Some dishes will be served.

Next, head up to Whitefield, NH for a night of international tastes led by Klaus Wittauer of KW Selection.

When: September 22nd
Where: Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa in Whitefield, NH
Cost: $85/head

What: Special pairing dinner beginning with sekt and bringing you all the way through to the heavier reds.

Then head back to NYC for the Second Glass’ first Wine Riot in the Big Apple featuring wines from Barterhouse Wines, Inc.

When: September 23rd and 24th
Where: Skylight One Hanson, Williamsburg, NY
Cost: $45-60 depending on which night and when purchased (pre-sale is cheaper!)
What: The Austrian wines of KW Selections/Barterhouse Wines, Inc. will be participating in the first Wine Riot of NYC. Come be a part of this great event – lots of opportunity to taste Austrian wine and more.

Finally, don’t forget that Hearth and Terroir’s Summer of Riesling is still going strong, nationwide, til the it’s officially Autumn. That means you have until September 22nd to get your Austrian Riesling on at one of the many participating venues. (However we strongly encourage Riesling sipping year round!)

When: September 23rd and 24th
Where: Nationwide, check website for details
Cost: Varied dependent on the glass of wine
What: A summer long celebration of Riesling from around the world.

This is, of course, not including all the portfolio tastings you’ll have a chance to taste Austrian wines at if you’re in the trade!

We’ll keep you updated as more come through – hope to see you there!