This week in the news we saw some excellent reviews on fantastic wines!

Great Gruener! and ‘surprising Riesling.’ We’ve got the insider’s tip from the Baltimore Sun on some delicious wines to sip from Austria. Check it out to learn more.

Cooler temperatures is leading us from the grill to the oven. Try this recipe for baked tilapia with a glass of your favorite GV.

We all love Gruener and Riesling – top of their class from Austria – but have you had Pinot Noir from Austria? Will Lyons suggests it as your next sip.

Even four months later, Austria Uncorked in LA is still fresh on everyone’s mind. Check out this review from the Goddess of Wine to read her perception of the event.

From the Chicago Tribune, we’ve got more recommendations for red wines – fall is officially here, that’s for sure! Check out what they recommend and some fun tidbits on many of the country’s red grapes.

And, of course, the fun continues with Julia Sevenich in Austria – this time she’s visited Eisenberg DAC. See what she means when she says, “harnessing rugged power.”

There you have it – prost!