Press Release

October 4th, 2011

(A message from Willi Klinger, Head of the AWMB)

The Austrian Wine Marketing Board was officially established by the Austrian winemaking authorities at the end of 1986, to rebuild its image in light of the wine scandal. After 25 years of fruitful activities, the Austrian wine industry has succeeded in creating a high-profile image, as well as recording a continuous increase in sales growth, both in Austria and in export markets.

To celebrate Austrian Wine’s 25th anniversary, we are planning to hold a press conference, as well as a documentary, covering the past twenty-five years. We therefore kindly ask you – as our friends and partners – for your continued cooperation in the future, and we would really appreciate your comments or a brief statement about your experience with Austrian Wine for our birthday review.

Many thanks in advance,

Willi Klinger