On the second day of Austrian wine, we’re bring you a Viennese specialty: Gemischter Satz. Literally meaning “mixed set” Gemischter Satz is a field blend, a specialty of Vienna. Many grape varieties may be grown in a single vineyard, but in order to be labeled “Gemischter Satz,” all of the grapes must be harvested and pressed at the same time. Only quality grape varieties are allowed to be a part of the blend.

As a result, there can be great vintage variation and variation from producer to producer. Most to all growers are generally unsure of the exact proportion of a given wine – but that’s only part of the fun!

Historically, this wine making technique was used as a precaution against unruly vintages; the blending of various grapes ensured a good wine!

Why is this wine perfect for the holidays? Because it’s a celebration of tradition, of course! It’s also a great wine to buy for a crowd – there’s a little bit of something for everyone!