Blaufränkisch is a red grape widely grown throughout Central Europe, though it is largely called a different name in Germany (Lemberger), Hungary and others. In Austria, Blaufränkisch is most prevalent in Mitterlburgenland, sometimes referred to as “Blaufränkischland,” though plantings of the grape can be found throughout the country.

Currently, Blaufränkisch is classified in three DAC regions of Austria including Mittelburgenland DAC, Leithaberg DAC and Eisenberg DAC; it is also widely grown in Carnumtum in Lower Austria.

Blaufränkisch can be vinified in a variety of expressions,  but this grape always has a distinct acidity with flavors of cherry and a generally herbaceous character. ManyBlaufränkisch wines will do well with some aging, though many wines from this grape are also made to be drunk young. It’s a perfect pairing for some the heavier foods for this time of year. Try these wines with rabbit, beef or roast lamb.