On the sixth day of Austrian wine, we receive Gumpoldskirchen Königswein (and thank goodness, because it is incredibly fun to say!)

Produced in the town of Gumpolskirchen in Thermenregion, Gumpoldskirchen Königswein is a traditional cuvee of white grapes grown within the city limits including the rare Rotgipfler and Zierfandler. Literally translated to mean “the King’s wine,” these wines have been enjoyed by many elite figures throughout history – definitely something to help elevate the celebration!

What’s most important about this now rare cuvee is the history that it represents. This wine saw its peak of popularity in the 1700’s with the most drastic decline occurring the mid 1980’s. The town of Gumpoldskirchen is rich with wine culture as it is home to many of the country’s traditional heurigers. Today, only a few winemakers produce this blend.

Today, the traditional white grapes Zierfandler and Rotgipfler are grown almost exclusively in this region and only in very small quantities accounting for under 1% of the grape population in Niderösterreich and less than .5% in the whole of Austria. Despite this, however, these grapes are not to be missed and provide a special treat for their drinkers.

Rotgipfler is notably spicy, nutty and well-rounded while Zierfandler, arguably the more noble of the two, is known for its slightly sweet character exhibiting notes of dried and tropical fruits. Both benefit from the shell-limestone soils in which they are grown producing a welcomed smoky character and pleasant minerality. They can both be vinified dry or sweet and are often blended together though they are also produced as single variety wines.

So why not serve up something special to your guests this year? Gumpoldskirchen Königswein is sure to start-up riveting dinner conversation and what better time to treat your special guests like kings?