There really is nothing like a good excuse to share delicious wines (and wine tasting notes) with some of your favorite wine people.

For #WineChat Riesling we grabbed a bottle of FX Pichler Riesling Loibner Klostersatz Federspiel 2010 and a bottle of Pichler-Krutzler Loibnerberg  2010 Riesling from Crush Wine & Spirits, ordered up some ceviche, and hunkered down on the computer for another exhilarating #WineChat.

Of course, this #WineChat wasn’t all about us – it was about Riesling from throughout the world – but nonetheless, we were pleasantly surprised at the interest of participants in hearing more about us.
Truth be told, Riesling only makes up a very small portion of Austria’s total production (just over 4%,) but considering Austria also holds about 4.8% percent of the world’s total Riesling vineyards, that’s a pretty good proportion and makes us fifth largest.

It’s important to remember that Riesling is a very versatile grape, capable of showing its face in very many expressions. While you will find sweet Riesling wines in Germany, the US, Canada, and other areas of the world, Austrian Riesling – as a general rule – is bone dry. Riesling is a naturally acidic grape, but pair this acidity with Austrian Riesling’s dry character, minerality, and clean style of winemaking and you’re in for a treat! Riesling is a great pairing for hard-to-pair foods including those higher in citrus, spice, and raw ingredients. This is, of course, why we opted for ceviche…it has all of those things!

A note about the wines we choose: FX Pichler is one of Austria’s most iconic winemakers – hailing from the Wachau, he has set a high standard of winemaking. Pichler-Krutzler, as you might imagine, is symbolic of two winemaking families whose children married and began making their own wine – Elisabeth Pichler-Krutzler and Erich Krutzler. Both wines follow the traditional way of winemaking with little interference in the vineyards or the winery. The wines are both elegant wines that represent Austrian Riesling to a “T.” Definitely worth a try.

If you’re not familiar with #WineChat, we would recommend you check it out. We don’t have another date set yet to be hosted by Austrian wine, but we are looking forward to focusing on the reds sometime this year. Stay tuned!