It’s finally here! Our first ever Wine Riot tasting – though the founding organization, Second Glass, has successfully been executing these tastings for years!  Tomorrow, we’re heading to Washington DC for the two tasting sessions, 1-5pm and 7-11pm, held at the Daughters of the Revolution Constitution Hall…we hope you are too!

If you’re attending, here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Eight awesome wines to taste from Austria
  • A special activity that helps test you palate while also helping you to understand Austrian grape varieties
  • Summer of Riesling tattoos (because who doesn’t love it when their arm, forehead, inner thigh, what-have-you says, “RIESLING”???
  • A special Austrian-styled hat we made just for the event (feel free to snap lots of photos with it!)

Tickets are still available and they are only $50! We know it’s Cinco de Mayo and The Kentucky Derby and what better way is there to get the day/night started than with many sips of fabulous wines?  Plus, it’s going to rain so come inside to the party!

Hope to see you there – Prost!