In just a few days, Austrian Wine Queen, Elisabeth Hirschbüchler, will land on US soil for the first time! During her time here she will take on two of US major cities by storm: NYC and Chicago for the Ode to Austria festivities in conjunction with the Summer of Riesling.

The Austrian Wine Queen competition dates back to 1968 and over the course of the past several decades many, now famous, winemakers have held this honored title. Queen Elisabeth’s reign of royalty began in May of 2011 when she was elected Wine Queen of Niederösterreich (aka Lower Austria), a term which she still serves, after a rigorous competition during which she was required to relay facts about wine including wine regions, vine varieties, winemaking, technical details, and more. She was also required to give a speech; her topic: The Harmony Between Tourism and Wine.

In 2012, she was selected to serve as the Queen of all of Austrian wine, an honor that the elected queens from each region rotate. There are queens in other areas of Austria such as Burgenland, Styria, and even outside the quality wine regions. Queen Elisabeth will proudly wear the crown until 2013 after which the current queen of Burgenland will take over.

Today, Queen Elisabeth is studying tourism at University while simultaneously working with her family winery in the Weinviertel region of Niederösterreich – she is one busy lady!

You can find Queen Elisabeth Hirschbüchler in NYC August 14, 15, and 20th and in Chicago August 16-20th during which time she’ll be the center of attention at all of our Ode to Austria celebratory events. For more information on what’s going on in each city, please take a gander at our Riesling tab.