The Official Ode to Austria by Paul Grieco, Overlord of Riesling

A is for acid, acid, acid…a clean, fresh acidity that allows the
fruit of the Riesling fruit to radiate and the terroir to scream

U is for the urgestein soil, the family of metamorphic rock that
Mother Earth spewed from her womb

S is for Sisi aka Empress Elizabeth of Austria, wife of Emperor
Franz Josef; she was the Lady Di of her day…beautiful,
intelligent, individualistic, an advocate for all the classes
and people in the Empire

T is for the tragedy of 1985, the scandal that brought down the
Austrian wine world but then created the greatest resurgence of a
wine growing region; sons and daughters took over from mothers and
fathers, giving long overdue respect to the terroir and crafting
glorious expressions of that land
-“t” could also reference how tight these new lederhosen are!

R is of course for the Romans who first planted this land over
2000 years ago…all hail Caesar!

I is for the individuality of Austrian Rieslings, whereby
Germany is about rippin’ acidity and potential residual sugar and
Alsace is about power and alcohol, Austria exists in the
beautiful middle ground, balanced and glorious

A is the Austrian Wine Marketing Board, created in 1986 after the
above mentioned scandal…they have created an environment where the
presence of Austrian grape juice on all wine lists and in all
retail stores is an absolute no brainer