Today’s tasting game is all about Blaufränkisch!

Blaufränkisch is one of Austria’s most widely-planted  and, in my respects,  most well-respected red grape. Blaufränkisch accounts for 7% of Austria’s total grape production and is widely planted throughout Burgenland and in the Eastern
portion of Carnuntum.

It is the leading variety in Mittleburgenland, which is also referred to as “Blaufränkischland”. This region delivers origin-typical wines. In fact, Blaufränkish bears DAC status in several wine-growing regions including: Eisenberg DAC, Leithaberg DAC, and Mittleburgenland DAC. In Niederösterreich, the area of Carnuntum is known for its excellent Blaufränkish wines.

The variety is highly demanding of its vineyard site and is later-ripening. Coulure easily occurs if the weather is cool during the flowering period so special care must be taken.

The typical palate of this late ripening variety is characterized by deep wood berry and cherry tones with undertones of spice and reveals a characteristic acidity. It can be quite earthy, but is, in a word, “Austrian.” Structured, but with a pleasant character. 

For more information on Blaufränkisch or even a taste, check out our Austrian red wine tab and get in on the fun all season long.