This past Monday, New York City was rocked by one of the, if not the biggest, natural disaster it has ever seen and it is certainly the most expensive. The catastrophe has left half of Manhattan without power and a path of destruction in its wake. While much of New York City and the surrounding areas have been able to return to life-as-normal, we must remember those that cannot just yet.

Although Manhattan did not see the worst of the damage, several of our friends are now suffering due to damages and/or simply from being closed. Flooding, power outrages, and even a dangling crane are preventing many of NYC’s best Austrian restaurants to open which will cause a chain reaction of issues for the owners and staff who cannot make money during these times. Fortunately, some have come up with creative ways to open their doors to neighborhood patrons, but still, the costs will be large.

In light of this we ask that you please keep these restaurants in your thoughts and should you have the means to dine out in NYC in the near future, to please stop by any of these locations to show your support.

Blaue Gans
Cafe Katja
Cafe Kristall
Seasonal Restaurant & Weinbar
Edi & the Wolf

In fact, if you’re celebrating Thanksgiving in the city this year, any of these find locations might be a good place to turn. We will, of course, keep you updated as well! Prost!