Although the New Year was less than a month ago, it already seems a world away. If you’re like us, however, you took your time in deciding what your resolutions might be – after all, it’s not easy to give up the Christmas cookies so easily when they are still lingering in your kitchen.

For us, we believe 2012 was a good year. Last year marked  lot of firsts for Austrian wine in the US:

    1. We officially participated in our first Summer of Riesling festival, including a special “Ode to Austria” in Chicago & NYC
    2. We held our biggest celebration of red wines in the US to date
    3. We participated in the Wine Riot tour held by the Second Glass in several major cities
    4. We Uncorked Chicago and Toronto with our trade and consumer tastings (and Chicago again in the summer!)
    5. Prices of exports rose once again showing growth in the quality Austrian wine category
    6. And so much more….

But despite all of our successes, we cannot go forward without further achievements, and for that, we must resolute to do even better. In 2013, here are a few things we would like to see:

    1. Further growth in the Austrian wine category
    2. An expansion of Austrian wine and the knowledge thereof outside of the major markets
    3. A better understanding the Grüner Veltliner grape – for too long have too many thought it to be “just light and crisp”
    4. A better understanding of our red wines, sweet wines, Riesling, and all other wines the country has to offer
    5. More of a retail presence
    6. Better understanding among young somms – Gruner Veltliner is here to stay, it is not just “trendy!” (after all, it is the perfect food wine.)
    7. And, again, so much more.

But we also want your input as a love and fan of Austrian wine….after all, if you weren’t, you wouldn’t be reading this blog, would you? So please, tell us in the comments of via email at what interests you have for Austrian wine this year.

We look forward to yours thoughts!