Neuburger, a lesser-known white grape of Austria, is one known for being full and robust, but with mild flavors and a neutral palate. That being said, Neuburger still has a lot to offer, offering spice and floral notes when young and a nuttier taste with some age to the wine. It is known to make excellent wines, but still falls short of the prestige Grüner Veltliner has and is, sadly, declining in its plantings.

Neuburger is found mostly in the Wachau and the Thermenregion and covers a total of 652 hectares in Austria, or 1.4% of the total growth of vines. It is an early-ripening variety often characterized by its small-berried and tight clusters, make is susceptible to late frosts and some diseases as well as unwelcome botrytis. Nonetheless, Neuburger is still a quality grape and produces great wines in the best years.