We’re excited for this week in New York! Lots of delicious dinners coming up at so many great restaurants (with winemakers!)

The first: Long Island, Tuesday March 12, Monika Caha Selections $200 

Austria in the Haus: Twelve Wines from Five Producers: Forstreiter, Neumeister, Stadlmann, Nittnaus and Fritsch (selected by Jeremy Halker from the Monika Caha Selections portfolio of Frederick Wildman & Sons); Six Courses: Including La Truite au Bleu, Veal Brain Schnitzel, Pancakes, Quails, Foie gras and so so much more.

When: March 12, 2013 at 7:30pm
Price: $200 per person (including food, drink and gratuity; excluding sales tax)
Where: M. Wells Dinette, Long Island City
Reservations: MWellsReservations@gmail.com

From soils comprised of crushed oyster fossils north of the Danube near the Czech border to the volcanic soils and Mediterranean breezes of the south near Slovenia, we have so much wine to pour that night. Savor several of them with each course and find your favorite pairings. Our producer friends will share stories about making wine in Austria, a country that produces a mere 1% of the world’s wine typically from small, family-operated vineyards … some seven generation running. And since about 70% of its wine is consumed in Austria we are thankful there is still a good bit left for the rest of us.

Please join us on Tuesday for an unprecedented evening. Send your name, number of people in your party and telephone number to MWellsReservations@gmail.com

The second: New York City, March 13, Blaue Gans, A.I. Selections $85++ 

Blaue Gans Dinner for Volker
The third: New York, March 14, Seasonal NYC, Domaine Select $95++ 

seasonal wine dinner menu