Otherwise known as Pinot Gris or in some cases Ruländer, Grauburgunder is a wine close to our hearts.

The variety was brought to Austria in the 13th or 14th century by Cistercian monks and it has stayed every since. Though there is only a small portion of the grape in Austria, about 222 hectares, about 0.5% of the total production, the wines are quite distinct. The wines here are known for their spicy, full-bodied character


These wines are great company for heavier sauces, white game-meat, pork, and, of course, our favorite weiner schnitzel. In the wine, look for notes of hazelnuts, melon, honey, ripe banana, spice, and more.

Most often, one will find wines made from Grauburgunder in the Northern stretches of Burgenland and in Styria as it requires deep, heavy soils to truly shine.