The second annual Great GoogaMooga didn’t exactly go off without a hitch, but nevertheless, we were proud participants this year.

For three days, well, technically two and a couple hours, Austrian wine, along with Aldo Sohm, popped corks (and unscrewed tops) of Fritsch Riesling, Rudi Pichler Grüner Veltliner, Stadlman Mandel-Höh Zierfandler, and Paul Achs Blaufränkisch. The wines were poured eagerly to a large group – 35k per day they say! – of gastronomical enthusiasts eager to have a taste.

Friday night was fantastic. The weather was perfect and the music was good. Everyone was in a good mood sipping Austrian specialties sprawled out on the lush lawn of Prospect Park. (To be fair, they were also sipping other great wines from Sherry, Champagne, Germany, and more!) By the end of the night everyone was happy and ready to take on the night.

The next morning was equally as gorgeous, but the afternoon brought rain! Never fear, though, the wine tent was shielded from the rain beckoning-in festival-goers wanting to stay dry… and to buy more Austrian wine, of course! Aldo Sohm was unable to join us Friday night, but tasters were immediately wrapped up in his charm as he poured them some of his favorite wines explaining the true specialty of Austrian wine.

Unfortunately, more rain on Sunday meant little-time for Austrian wine, but we warmed up and recovered at  Reisetbauer Schnapps tasting at Cafe Katja in the afternoon thanks to the Manhattan Cocktail Classic and Michael Skurnk Wines!

Check out our photos from GoogaMooga!

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