Europe is currently in the midst of a terrible, catastrophic flooding causing many towns and cities to be evacuated and others to watch anxiously to see what damage the flooding rivers will do.

Whole towns are under water in Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic; in the Wachau, streets are under water as the Danube’s water level rises to dangerous heights. It is said that the area has received more rain in the past two days than it has in the past several months combined… it is likened to a similar natural phenomena 100 years ago.

At this point, no one can really say what this means for much of Lower and Upper Austria nor will we fully understand that toll that it will take on the vineyards. The Danube is expected to crest tomorrow and, from there, central Europe will start to rebuild. As we watch anxiously from our New York offices, we are reminded of the all too recent super storm that hit us in October and ask that you keep the people of Austria and Central Europe in your thoughts.

Above is a photo Domane Wachau posted on their Facebook page earlier today. It’s getting messy.