The Austrian Wine USA team had the honor and privilege to travel through the vineyards of Austria in all four growing states for the past two weeks… and what a treat it was for us! If you haven’t already, we highly recommend checking out the Facebook page for photos of the trip! We’ll be covering the wineries and regions in the coming days, but for now, here’s a teaser on what you can expect.

Here’s the whirlwind of an itinerary:

Friday, June 7:

  • Tasting of Gemischter Satz on the Nussberg with Haszjan, Christ, and Mayer in Vienna
  • Dinner in Illmitz at Johanneszeche with Gerhard Kracher

Saturday, June 8:

  • Tasting with Markowitsch and Glatzer
  • Lunch Weingut Netzl and Weingut  Artner at Bittermann in Carnuntum
  • Weingut Poeckl visit and tour
  • Visit Claus Preisinger for eithaberg tasting accompanied by Martin Nittnaus
  • Dinner with Weinguts Zantho and Umathum at Landgasthof Nyikospark in Neusiedel

Sunday, June 9:

  • Mörbisch to Illmitz (sparkling wine included!)
  • Nationalpark tour through Neusiedl National Park in Illmitz
  • Visit and lunch with Hannes Reeh in Andau
  • Sweet wine tasting with Heidi Schoeck and Feiler-Artninger in Rust
  • Dinner at Gut Purbach with Roland Velich of Moric

Monday, June 10:

  • Visit, vineyard tour, and tasting withStadalman in Thermenregion
  • Lunch in the the vineyards of J. Heinrich in Mittelburgenland
  • Visit, tour, and tasting with Hans Igler
  • Visit, tour, and tasting with Pottlesdorf Winery (cool co-op!)
  • Dinner with Willi Klinger at Holy Moly Restaurant  on the Badenshift in Vienna

At this point, we split off in to two trips! Half of us went south to Styria, and the other half went north to Lower Austria’s Kamptal and Wachau. Here’s what it was:

Tuesday, June 11:IMG_3529

In Styria (Süd-Steiermark):

  • Visit with Jaunegg
  • Visit and lunch with Weingut Fuchs
  • Visit with Hannes Sabathi
  • Visit and dinner at Kreuzwirt and overnight with Weingut Polz/Tscheppe in Possnitzberg

Wednesday, June 12:

In Styria (in Süd-Steiermark):

  • Visit with Sattlerhof
  • Visit and lunch with Tement at the winery
  • Visit Vinofaktor – local wine & food shop!
  • Vineyard hike
  • Dinner and overnight at Sattlerhof in Gamlitz

Thursday, June 13:

  • Visit with Erwin Sabathi (Süd-Steiermark)
  • Visit and lunch with Strohmeier (WestSteiermark)
  • Visit Lacker-Tinnacher (Süd-Steiermark)
  • Visit Neumeister with dinner at Saziani in Straden and overnight (Süd-Ost-Steiermark)

Friday, June 14:

In Styria (Süd-Ost-Steiermark)

  • Visit Weingut Fruwirth
  • Lunch and tasting at Schloss Kapfenstein

Meanwhile in Lower Austria:

Tuesday, June 11:

  • Loisium visit with guided tour by Eva Steiniger followed by Sparkling Wine tasting at Steiniger winery  (Kamptal)
  • Bründlmayer tasting and lunch with Thomas Klinger  (Kamptal)
  • Fred Loimer (Kamptal)
  • Johannes Hirsch (Kamptal)
  • Michi Moosbrugger from Schloss Gobelsburg (Kamptal)
  • Christine Saahs from Nikolaihof (Wachau)

Wednesday, June 12:

  • Toni Bodenstein, Weingut Prager (Wachau)
  • Emmerich Knoll, Weingut Knoll (Wachau)
  • Leo Alzinger, Weingut Alzinger(Wachau)
  • Martin Nigl, Weingut Nigl (Kamptal)

Basically we have a lot to cover!! Stay tuned…