Although much of the US can’t focus on the fact it’s almost spring just yet – freezing temperatures continue to hit much of the country – the rosé of Austria are on their way to our shores!

Austrian rosé is distinct, though they are produced in all regions of Austria in a variety of styles. In Niederösterreich rosé is generally made from St. Laurent or Zweigelt; Burgenland focuses on similar varieties and a few producers also use Blaufränkisch. Styria, particular Weststeiermark is home of the racy Schilcher which is special to this region made from Blauer Wildbacher.

Rosé has been gaining popularity throughout the world in the past few years – far from being known for its days as sweet, cloying wine of the unsophisticated! Austrian rosé is dry, just as the rest of the wines of country, and is very versatile with food. Try fish, poultry, barbecue, salads, vegetables, olives, cheeses, bacon…. the possibilities are really enormous! Or, simply enjoy the wine with good company!