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Summer of Riesling 2014



to the celebration with an über focus on Riesling…from the Danube River region

(or at least sort of close by)
Our first salvo will be at

Terroir {Murray Hill}

439 Third Avenue (between 30th & 31st Streets)

this Wednesday, August 6th
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Beginning at 5:00pm, we will:

-pour Rieslings from the Wachau / Kremstal / Kamptal /

Wagram / Traisental / Wien regions, at “1985 prices”

-offer heaping plates of wiener schnitzel and potato salad

(this is Governor Christie’s favorite dish!)

-show The Sound of Music AND sing-along at all the right moments

-explore the glory of the Heiligenstein Vineyard*…with shovels, a pick ax and
lots of wine

-blast Falco from the sound system

(and answer the eternal question: who is Der Kommissar?)

-honor the wines of 
F.X. Pichler
Franz Hirtzberger 
Emmerich Knoll

with a special bottle being opened every hour, on the hour

-acknowledge the greatness of the Hapsburg clan

and play a little Hapsburg trivia game

-enjoy a parade of dirndls along Third Avenue

*the Heiligenstein Vineyard, located in the Kamptal region, is a geologic anomaly in the world of wine terroir. Originally known as Hellenstein (Hell Rock), 
it is now called Heiligenstein (Holy Rock) due to the heavenly wines that are grown here…and the saintly winemakers who craft them

Terroir {Murray Hill}

439 Third Avenue (between 30th & 31st Streets)