Ah Eiswein, it isn’t every year we get such a special treat, but when we do, we are very thankful.

Although the results are still not in for 2014, in recent years we were lucky enough to harvest these gems.

Naturally, their high concentration of sugar and low alcohol make them highly enjoyable on their own, but we are Austrian and we believe in matching a wine with great food to only enhance the experience (can we throw in a string quartet, too?)

There are two camps when it comes to pairing sweet wines: one days sweet, one says savory. Some believe that pairing sweet with sweet is too much, but if you have a sugar tooth, we would imagine you vehemently disagree. Looking for something sweet at the end of the meal? Try a Apple Strudel or Salzburger Nockerl… Austrian specialities.

AWMB / Kohl

But if you’re into savory pairings, you can stretch your Eiswein far beyond desert. The expected pairings of bleu cheeses and foie gras are popular favorites, but perhaps you are unaware that there is actually an entire world of pairing out there for sweet wines. Austrian wines are especially suited for this considering the high amount of natural acids in the grapes, as well.

For example, start with a fresh cantaloupe wrapped with prosciutto, the combination of saltiness from the meat mixed with the delicate sweetness from the melon will be a great pairing. Looking for more in the way of appetizers? Of course course sausages and charcuterie – with sharp cheeses, too – would work excellently.

The main course may be a little trickier, but if you are determined, it can be done. Perhaps you are in the mood for a lightly grilled, marinated chicken breast with an apricot glaze, or a roast beef with cook some apples with your roast beef and experiment. The point is to step beyond dessert and enjoy this delicacy, Eiswein, for many dishes?

Thirsty for more? Stay tuned, day three of “The Twelve Days of Austrian Wine” debuts tomorrow.