This morning, December 11, 2014, we had the treat of listening to Aldo Sohm, Best Sommelier in the World 2008, Bacchus Award Winner, and co-owner of the newly opened Aldo Sohm Wine Bar, on Heritage Radio’s program, Native.

On the program we learn a little bit about Aldo in general, but our favorite part are his thoughts on the food and wine culture of the country… just in time for the holidays! He starts out expressing Austria’s love to eat and drink, as you may have figured out by now, and if you want to eat and drink like an Austrian this holiday, we highly recommend listening up!

We don’t want to spoil the interview too much, but listening to Aldo speak makes us nostalgic for the culture of Vienna, the local foods used in cuisine (sustainability isn’t just a trend here!) and a Christmas goose or carp cooked my our Austrians. (Stay tuned for coverage of some hot topics like coffee culture!)

K_2d1d1809afTake a listen for yourself here.

But just a heads up… don’t forget to listen to the end for a special talk about Austrian wine – our favorite part! And his talk about his new wine bar – which we highly recommend you visit.

So raise a glass and eat and drink Austrian this holiday. Prost!