Our friend, Alder Yarrow, released a wonderful book earlier this year entitled, “The Essence of Wine” in which he depicts  a wine category through images and essays.

From the website,

A coffee table book of amazing photographs about the flavors and aromas that make wine magical. With wine recommendations and essays.

This book is unlike any wine book ever produced. It is first an art book — an incredible collection of intimate images and accompanying prose that celebrate the different individual flavors and aromas found in wine. It is also an educational book and a wine guide, directing readers to easily findable wines that can broaden their horizons as wine drinkers.

The book will appeal to anyone who enjoys indulging their senses, from the foodie who wants a wine book that doesn’t read like a dictionary, to the wine novice looking to educate their palate. Even the wine connoisseur will return again and again to savor the beauty of these images with wine glass in hand and the book in their lap.

Many of the post originated on Vinography, Yarrow’s successful wine blog, featuring wines from all over the world. Proudly, we can say that many of his posts contained wines he tasted during a visit to Austria.

This book makes a perfect gift for the holiday season, although we’ve just been informed it is currently on backorder… but trust us, it’s worth the wait for you or your loved one (until January.)

Check it out! You won’t be disappointed.