This New Years… have sekt with your partner! Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, we’re excited to share with you this traditional Austrian Sekt cocktail that takes a step away from the traditional Champagne popping and into something a little more… exciting.

It is widely known in Austria that homemade elderflower syrup – made simply of elderflower, syrup, and water – is the perfect company for our dry sects. This syrup is homemade and it used sweeten seltzer waters, desserts, lemonade, and more, but our favorite is in the sekt.


The recipe is simple!

  1. 1.5 part elderflower syrup
  2. 3 parts dry sekt
  3. Enjoy!

…and you’re done! But if you don’t have elderflower syrup lying around, you can certainly use St. Germaine.

Enjoy! Prost & Happy New Year!