The upcoming Wine Spring is an invitation to enjoy short holiday visits to Austrian winemakers and their wines. The wine regions are often just a short trip away, and they offer not only a wide range of excellent wines and tasty specialities, but a complete experience of relaxation and wellness with exercise and fun. With the online platform from the Austrian Wine Marketing Board (AWMB), a site rich in travel recommendations and routes, there is nothing to stand in the way of an exciting journey of discovery through Austria’s wine and pleasure landscape.

The fascination of wine – up close!

Whether as a wine connoisseur, wine lover or pleasure seeker – a personal guided tour through the vineyard and the wine cellar along with a wine tasting, or perhaps an excellent afternoon coldcut snack in the winemaker‘s own “Heurigen” wine tavern, is always a special, authentic experience. Wineries in Austria are – in contrast to those in many other countries – mainly small operations and nearly always family enterprises. That is why a visit to our winemakers is so individual and unique. It takes just a simple phone call and an agreed time – and you’re ready to be welcomed. Austrian winemakers are happy to host interested guests and like to provide insight into the care of the vineyard and, of course, the production of their cultural asset, wine.

Wine with leisure activities included

The combination of wine and good food, leisure time, culture and relaxation are necessary – and welcome – diversions from everyday life. Now, many wine regions are offering package deals for perfect wine holidays. For wine explorers who prefer to plan their own trips, the travel platform from the AWMB – – comprises optimal features for the seamless planning of an individual journey. Winemakers, wines, hotels, restaurants and events can be easily matched with the planned holiday time and incorporated into an individual holiday route.

Wide range of offers in Austria’s wine regions

Those who are fans of culture can enjoy, for example, a wine culture journey in Niederösterreich (Lower Austria), with its picturesque wine regions along the Danube river including magnificently impressive monastery churches like Melk, Göttweig and Klosterneuburg. For friends of nature and sport enthusiasts who like to enjoy wine after a bike tour or a round of surfing, the Neusiedler See is the absolute highlight. In southern Austria, the Südburgenland and Steiermark regions are havens for relaxation. In these areas, wine is enjoyed not only with a delicious “Brettljause” – plate of coldcuts – but also as a refreshing and soothing cosmetics product. And in Vienna, the steep up-and-down hiking trails – especially on the Nussberg and Kahlenberg vineyard hills – provide breathtaking views of the capital below, and beyond. The Vienna Basin, south of the city, hosts greathiking opportunities, and these can be concluded with some culinary exploration at a traditional “Heurigen” wine tavern.

Austria’s wine roads are ready for Spring. And at , the all-inclusive journey of discovery to wine guarantees finding and planning the best experience possible.