A hot summer is drawing gradually to its conclusion, and the first yellow-tinted leaves are beginning to appear as harbingers of the coming autumn’s eagerly anticipated display of colour. This also means that it’s getting close to the loveliest time of the year for travelling to Austria and experiencing its wines. You can find the most appealing routes at winetravelsinaustria.com!

Picturesque landscapes lined and dotted with charming rivers and villages, gently rolling hills or striking geologic formations – and row upon row of grapevines in great variety – cast their spell upon individuals who come from near and far seeking renewal and relaxation. Here and there the green Buschen – bunches of twigs, some banded in festive colours – are waving welcome. As it has done for more than a hundred years, this sign of hospitality invites visitors to come and pass the time in the Heuriger: at the bar, in comfortable dining rooms or cool and shaded gardens. Here, local specialties are served, prepared from the wide regional spectrum of foodstuffs coming mostly from the landlord’s own agricultural production. And the most important thing: there is always a seductive selection of wines, unmistakably typical of each individual region, offering the perfect accompaniment to the dishes on the menu.

A Variety of Wines, for Every Occasion

Everywhere one looks, there is much pleasure to be had: fresh and fruit-driven spicy white wines from recent vintages – and red wines, impressive in the way they arrange their succulent fruit upon a satisfying structure of tannin. Austria offers many upscale inns and fine restaurants, where gourmets can pamper themselves to the point of contentment. Classic Austrian dishes and adventuresome tasting menus prepared with the utmost refinement find their worthy partners in the noble wines of Austria: intensely extracted Grüner Veltliners with texture and finesse, regal Rieslings, ripened to glistening, pithy and mineralic perfection – not to mention Sauvignon Blancs from the Steiermark (Styria) that can capably play on the world stage. And then come native Austrian regional specialties like Vienna’s own famous Gemischter Satz or the Thermenregion’s Rotgipfler and Zierfandler. Perhaps a luscious Roter Veltliner, or expressive interpretations of Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc), Chardonnay and Gewürztraminer; the widely diversified palette of Austrian white wines will leave no wish unfulfilled. Plus, Austria’s most magnificent red wines – BlaufränkischZweigelt, Sankt Laurent and the cuvées made from these varieties blended with their ‘international’ cousins – are waiting to be tasted and discovered.


Your excursion to winegrower and wine can be planned quite easily and effectively at the website winetravelsinaustria.com. Look under Travel and Wine and you will find vinotheques, hotels, inns and wine estates, which can be arranged into pleasant routes and itineraries. The website also features reviews, photographs and videos that can be uploaded and shared with other users. Regardless of your mode of transportation, a trip down the wine trail to visit wine producers is always worth the miles travelled. Have an informal informative chat about the latest vintage and a pleasurable tasting of the grower’s portfolio. Pick up a case or two of wine to fill the gaps that have arisen in your cellar over the summer – or supply yourself with the best possible bottles for the cooler seasons and coming festive occasions. You mustn’t miss the profound nobly sweet wines, and the elegant Austrian sparkling wines – one can’t be without those. There remains only the sweet paralysis of having to decide between so many excellent choices…