We are excited to share the following items with you!

Qualifying Exam:

All those who have signed up for the competition will be required to take a one hour, qualifying entrance exam between

March 11-13th. 

The top 30 scores will be admitted into the  compeition. Stay tuned for the link!

The Day of the Competition:

What to expect? Don’t be late!

9:30am: Check in
10-11am: Theory & blind tasting exam
11-12:30pm: Break/lunch/wines/social hour
12:30pm: Announcement of 3 finalists
12:30-1:30pm: 3 finalists compete in service
1:30pm: Announce the winner
2:00pm Conclusion



Don’t Forget to Study!

If you attended our seminar yesterday, you already have what we familiarly call, “The  Austrian Wine Bible”, but there are also many other materials you can use!

(Note: You can also download the chapters of the book or swing by our offices to pick up a brochure – just shoot us a note!)


Other materials:

The Wines of Austria by Stephen Brook

The Wines of Austria by Philipp Blom (for history)

Guild of Sommeliers Austrian Wine Information

Master Sommelier Jesse Becker’s Kick off presentation is available. Download his presentation here.

Additional study materials we will provide in periodic newsletters

May the best sommelier win!