Despite it being almost 2017 there is still a common misperception that white wines are only for warmer weather. We’re here to tell you that it’s time to let go of that perception and experience white wines all year round. Here are a few of our favorites from our favorite country: Austria.

Leithaberg DAC Weissburgunder: Also known as Pinot Blanc, Weissburgunder is a hearty variety that develops bread and nut flavors as it ages. Add a little oak aging to this example and you have a delicious, medium bodied, but acidic wine that’s perfect for drinking with warm vegetable stew, quiche, or chowder.

Neuburger: Although there are relatively small plantings of Neuburger in Austria, the grape has found a home amongst our vineyards. Dry Neuburger is robust, but neutral wine with spicy, flowery notes. With some aging, Neuburger can develop a distinct nutty flavor. The wine pairs well with cheeses or a variety of dishes, actually, similar to Gruener Veltliner such as fried meats or hard-to-pair fall vegetable dishes and roast game.

Roter Veltliner: Roter Veltliner, not directly related to Gruener, is an  extract-rich wine with a great aging potential showcasing notes of orange peel and citrus. Because of this, the wine pairs well with a hearty pumpkin soup, spiced pork road, or a zesty lemon-poached lobster.


Of course, there are many more delicious white wines from Austria – after all, the country is made up of 70% white varieties, but the above is a smattering of some off-the-beaten path varieties sure to please your dinner guests this winter.