The 2016 harvest is a very special one!

Low temperatures may have most of us cozied by the fire, under a blanket, with a great glass of red wine and a hot tea, but for many Austrian winemakers, it means more time in the vineyards.

Eiswein in Austria happens only every few years when temperatures are consistently cold enough (-7C and under) and dry enough through the season to avoid botrytis development. Austria has seen several nights of -10 C this season which means that the careful planning of winemakers in the fall to make Eiswein this year paid off!

Despite being harvested in 2017, the vintage will be 2016 for these grapes. We look forward to tasting it when it is ready!

Austrian Eiswein is known for elegant fruit and racy acidity with a strong varietal character.

We look forward to tasting these wines in the future and thank mother nature for providing us the conditions to make these special wines this from 2016.